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A convenient home network with MyFRITZ!App

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Many of the FRITZ!Box’s practical features guarantee security and convenience in your home network. MyFRITZ!App is available for Android and iOS and brings a number of FRITZ!Box features to your smartphone or tablet. With our tips for MyFRITZ! App, you can experience FRITZ! convenience and always see what’s happening in your home network.

1) Customize notifications about events in your home network

MyFRITZ!App informs you about events in your home network. For example, when out and about, you can get notified about calls received on your landline at home. You can also get notifications about events in your FRITZ! Smart Home – for example, about your FRITZ!DECT 200 smart plug’s switching events. You can select what messages you want to receive in the app settings.

2) FRITZ!NAS – your secure data storage

FRITZ!NAS is your very own storage area on the FRITZ!Box. MyFRITZ!App gives you direct access to your documents, images and other files stored there – even when you’re on the go. You can also upload files to FRITZ!NAS. With MyFRITZ!App, your FRITZ!Box becomes a secure data storage medium, for example for your smartphone photos Our FRITZ!NAS guide goes into detail on a number of other clever features.

3) Use convenience features at home and on the go

Do you need to quickly switch on guest Wi-Fi access? Connect a device to the Wi-Fi? Or switch your answering machine on or off? It couldn’t be easier: You can control these convenience features directly in MyFRITZ!App – wherever you are.

4) Open your FRITZ!Box user interface

Your FRITZ!Box offers a range of settings and displays the status of your devices and connections. With MyFRITZ!App, you’ll have the FRITZ!Box user interface in your pocket. Particularly practical: the interface’s display automatically adapts to your smartphone or tablet’s screen.

For more information about our range of FRITZ!Box products contact John Quinn or Gerry Kierce at Euroroute

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