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Working from home is no problem with FRITZ!Box

Working from home right now? To make sure you’re available for answering emails from co-workers, making calls or taking part in video conferences, you’ll need to have a stable and reliable connection to the company or office. No problem with FRITZ! products!

Secure access to company information

A VPN is recommended for accessing certain servers or websites. A VPN (virtual private network) reroutes your internet traffic through its own servers, giving you access to company files and resources. This makes it possible to use applications and programs needed for work or make internal telephone calls – you can easily call your co-worker on their extension number, just as you normally would if you were both in the office. This is practical, saving time and costs involved with diverting calls.

If your employer uses a FRITZ!Box, a connection to the company VPN can be established either via your own FRITZ!Box or directly from devices required for work. Find out more in our service portal. Using VPN solutions from other manufacturers usually require no additional settings on the FRITZ!Box.

If the Internet connection used for business purposes needs to be invoiced separately, the FRITZ!Box can establish a second Internet connection on the same line using PPPoE passthrough.

Online in every room

To stay focused when working remotely, it’s important to find a quiet corner in your home. FRITZ!Repeaters ensure a good Wi-Fi reception, even in the most remote corners of your house or apartment. If you don’t have your own study, it might be a good idea to move around your home to different rooms during the course of the day. The Mesh steering integrated in FRITZ! products stops your Wi-Fi from dropping out in such situations: Your FRITZ!Box detects changes in your laptop’s location, and the laptop’s Wi-Fi connection automatically switches to the appropriate FRITZ!Repeater. Want to check your mails in the kitchen while preparing dinner? No problem with FRITZ!.

Long day with lots of calls? Enter FRITZ!Fon!

If your working day includes frequent phone calls with clients, business partners and co-workers, you’ll need a phone long battery life. The new FRITZ!Fon C6 easily lasts a whole day and is the ideal companion for long calls.

We’re here to help

If a question should arise or you’re not sure how to set up telephony, Wi-Fi or VPN, AVM support is still available via telephone, email and social media in the usual quality.

Do you need additional tech to get set up for remote working? The AVM product advice team continues to offer suppor, giving you peace of mind before you buy.back to News

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